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Tips On Having the Perfect Personal Property Wedding

Having your wedding on a personal property can be a great way to save money on venue costs AND if you have an amazing piece of land with gorgeous views then it might be the perfect spot for you to say "I do".  BUT logistics can be tougher and can take a little bit more work than a wedding at an actual venue. 

I do want to put a note that weddings on personal properties can still be expensive - you will need to rent tables and chairs and all of the items you'd need for a wedding at a real venue. 

I have been a part of some gorgeous personal property weddings and today on the blog I thought I would share some tips on how to have the perfect personal property wedding. 

Hire a Planner: I know that I am a planner and you think I am saying this because of that - but really you need someone who will be with you throughout the planning process to help you figure out the logistics of your wedding. Venues which have done hundreds of weddings have the process down, but on a personal property you will have to figure it all out and it is better to do it with a planner by your side! 

Weather Plans: When getting married on a personal property it is usually the case that there isn't an inside option to move to if it rains - you most definitely want to reserve a tent to use just in case! 


Lighting is Important: When having your wedding outside you have to think about how dark it is going to be after the sun goes down. You want your guests to be able to see - hire a lighting company to come and hang string lights or other form of lighting so dinner and dancing is bright enough. You can add extra lighting by using candles, lanterns and uplighting! 

You still should hire a full service caterer: It is important to have a caterer who will serve the food as well as clear dirty plates from the table, cut the cake, etc., even if you are having a buffet. It isn't your planners job to clear plates and trust me, you don't want them sitting at the tables all evening. Avoid doing a drop and go style buffet - ask your caterer the costs of having them stay and do these other tasks for you! You can still use disposable products so the cleanup process is easier and less expensive!

Parking: Make sure you have thought about parking. I have had brides who rented a parking lot across the street and I have had brides who had a big enough piece of land that guests could park on the grass. No matter what, just have a good plan for parking! 

Noise Constraints: There are laws on how late you can have music playing in areas with surrounding homes, so make yourself aware of those rules. If you live in a rural area but still have neighbors - make sure you check with them before playing music all night long! 

Getting Ready: Is there a house on your personal property? Is that where you will be getting ready - have a plan for this. If getting ready inside a personal home, make sure it is picked up and has natural light for the best possible getting ready photos!


Restrooms: I am sure you won't want all of your guests in and out of your home

 trying to use the restroom, or maybe you do, that is up to you! But you need a restroom plan. You can rent really nice trailer bathrooms for your guests to use that are comfortable and an elegant option for your wedding!

Setup: Since it is your personal property, it is possible to setup the day before, I suggest doing as much setup as you can, but also being cautious of weather. Tables and chairs could be setup, especially if under a tent, but wait on those linens incase the morning dew from the grass will get them wet. Avoid sitting out plates and serve ware the day before to avoid bugs and creepy crawlers. Another fun perk of a personal property wedding is that cleanup doesn't all have to be done the night of the wedding! 

Vendors: A quick reminder that you still need all of the same vendors and they should still be insured and licensed businesses. Caterers, bartenders, rentals, photography, videography, planner, etc. 

*Personal property weddings also tend to be longer than the average wedding because there isn't a time you have to leave the venue, however, keep in mind that the longer the wedding, the longer you are paying your vendors to stay there, which can end up costing you more! 

I think personal property weddings can be absolutely gorgeous if well thought out and planned! I hope these tips will help you in your process and shed some light on those tough logistics. What other questions do you have about planning a wedding on a personal property? Ask below! 

Pictures: Lisa Silva Photography & Sarahdipity Photos

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